CA7 uses different queues to monitor batch cycles. A few queues are detailed below.

Determine Job/Cycle Status with CA-7 List Commands

  1. Select option 7 and then option 1 from the Scheduling Products Menu.
  2. Type XQ,JOB=Y
  1. Type LQ,JOB=Y or LQ,ST=ABND,JOB=*

Determine status of Time Jobs in CA-7

This can be done by executing either command "LQ,JOB=TIME*" or "XQ,JOB=TIME*" in CA7. If there is a time job in the queue with a time that has already past for the current day, the cycle monitor needs to manually post the submit time requirement.


If there are system problems, check account cycle jobs(current julian date) that are waiting for a submit time through the PSI function QUEUES in the START TIME column.

Place Jobs on Hold with CA-7

There are two ways to place a job on hold with CA-7. You can use the Hold command or go through the XQ screen.

  1. Type HOLD,JOB=Y
  1. The second way is through the XQ screen. Type XQ,JOB=Y


Demand in a Job with CA-7

When demanding a job in with CA-7 it is very important to know if there are jobs that are going to be triggered. It is a good idea to demand out a job in Hold status and then release it.

  1. Type DEMAND,JOB=Y
  1. Type DEMANDH,JOB=Y (To force out a job on Hold)
  1. Type DEMANDH,JOB=Y,SCHID=Z (To force out a job on Hold with a certain Schedule ID).

Delete a Job from CA-7 Production Queue

Use the XQ screen to delete a job from CA-7.

  1. Type XQ,JOB=Y


Restart a Job through CA-7/CA-11

There are two ways to restart a job with CA-7.

  1. Type XQ,JOB=Y
  1. REQUEUE,Job=Y
  1. To restart a job with CA-11 Type XQ,JOB=Y

Force a JOB Complete Using CA-7

  1. Type XQ,JOB=Y

Post a Condition to a Job

Use the XQ screen to add a condition to a job in CA-7.

  1. Type XQ,JOB=Y

List Documentation for a Job

Use the LPROS command to list documentation for a particular job.

  1. Type LPROS,JOB=Y

Use the Forecast Commands

Use the Forecast command to forecast the scheduled work for a given period of time. Successor jobs triggered by predecessor jobs or any jobs triggered by data sets created in the predecessor jobs may also be included.

  1. Type FJOB,FROM=(mmddyy,hhmm),TO=(mmddyy,hhmm),JOB=**
  1. Type FRJOB,JOB=Y

Use the List Log and List Prior Run Commands

  1. Type LRLOG,SPAN=*,JOB=Y
  1. Type LPRRN,JOB=Y

Use the HELP Function Through CA-7

  1. Type HELP

Overtype the word INDEX with a Command you want to get help on. Such as LQ or XQ. The CA-7 Help will give you Syntax and Examples of commands.